Truth is, we’re going to need some big ideas to keep our world habitable.

These ideas need profile and they need support, with urgency. And we aim to get them just that.

We are a non-profit marketing strategy consultancy, dedicated to help climate innovators scale up.

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NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/Reto Stöckli

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Climate Communication is not working.

Outside of the climate echo chamber, people are confused by the jargon and mind-bending complexity. For example, one third of UK CEOs in the UK are unfamiliar with the term "Net Zero" (1). This matters, Climate start-ups need to persuade investors, customers and communities. We can help, making marketing techniques accessible and tailored to climate.See how

Greenland Fjords

This is Scoresby Sund. Greenland fjords receive considerable amounts of glacial meltwater discharge due to climate change.

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Just 2% of global charity giving goes to climate causes.(2)

At the Climate Agency, we harness business leadership and marketing strategy to help climate innovators. It’s about talking to the right people with the right message and - importantly - the best call to action. You’ll have a CMO at your side, working to help you stand out, fundraise and scale.Let us help you

Person looks at a mountain

Humans relationship with Nature must change. The scale and speed at which scientists say we must effect that change are hard to grasp for most of us. Can we adapt in time to protect our world?

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Mad Don

Inspired teamwork can achieve the impossible. Here “Mad Don”, Donal Arabian, Chief of the Apollo Test Division.

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Our background

We are a team of experts in marketing and communications, with prestigious careers leading global consumer brands and charities.

We have worked with great organizations.

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  • “Climate organizations will be more effective by developing a brand that captures their voice and mission. The Climate Agency team has a great knowledge of branding and climate change to make this happen. Their sessions are impactful and actionable.”Ben Rubin, Executive DirectorCarbon Business Council

  • “It’s amazing. Totally useful to have somebody with a fresh perspective guiding us. After these 2 workshops I will be revising our website and marketing assets.”Lena Mechenkova, Communication DirectorVlinder Climate

  • “Sophie’s wealth of experience, sound judgement and creative thinking have been integral to the successful launch of the Direct Air Capture Coalition.“Jason Hochman, Co-Founder & Senior DirectorDirect Air Capture Coalition


Pockets of methane trapped within Canada’s frozen Lake Abraham. Methane has around 80 times the warming power of CO2 when it reaches the atmosphere. The release of vast quantities of methane held by melting ice sheets and permafrost would be a tipping point for our climate.

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Our services don't cost the earth.

We are non-profit, highly cost-effective and entrepreneurial. We have designed unique tools to help you leapfrog traditional processes and get results fast.

What we do

Our team works with inspiring advisors to tackle the biggest communication problem of all time.

    • Sophie Gallois

      Sophie GalloisCo-FounderFounder Sophie Gallois is harnessing everything she learnt in a leadership career that spans global brands and charities, including Unicef UK, to the service of climate action. She is a trustee of the Direct Air Capture Coalition and an advisor to Climate Science.LinkedIn

    • Lisa Woodward

      Lisa WoodwardCo-FounderWith a branding career that spans over 30 years, Lisa brings a strategic view and pragmatic approach to The Climate Agency. For the last decade, she has been running strategic workshops with start-ups and charities, as well as supporting them with their creative implementation.LinkedIn

    • Guy Lomax

      Guy LomaxAdvisorGuy has spent the last decade studying promising climate change solutions. He has held research roles with Virgin, The Nature Conservancy and the University of Oxford, and is currently completing a PhD in Environmental Data Science at the University of Exeter.LinkedIn

    • Ivo Vlaev

      Ivo VlaevAdvisorIvo Vlaev is a Professor of Behavioural Science, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. He received a DPhil (PhD) in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford. Ivo is a co-author of the famous UK Cabinet Office MINDSPACE report, which provides a framework for designing effective policy utilising behavioural sciences (also known as nudge theory) and helps public and private organisations develop and apply lessons from behavioural science.WBS

    • David Addison

      David AddisonAdvisorDavid Addison works at Virgin on a range of climate, environment, purpose, and sustainability efforts. For more than 12 years he has been working with and learning from others across academia, business, civil society, governments, and non-profits on scalable, sustainable carbon removal. He also serves as an advisor to, Nori Inc., and a number of other initiatives. Previously David was also an advisor to initiatives including Carbon180 and the New York Times best-selling book: Drawdown.LinkedIn

    • Fern Miller

      Fern MillerAdvisorFern Miller is Executive Strategy Director at R/GA – A leading digital, marketing and innovation agency. Her senior expertise spans strategic planning and creative communication, across global markets; in both agencies and start-ups.LinkedIn

    • Amanda Hamilton-Stanley

      Amanda StanleyAdvisorAs a General Counsel of a major international business, trustee of Charities and pensions boards as well as coach, Amanda Stanley brings a wealth of experience with a keen focus on compliance and ESG.LinkedIn

    • Myles Palmer

      Myles PalmerAdvisorMyles is the founder and creative director of Companion, a digital product design studio that works with start-ups and established businesses to create a better future for people and planet. He is passionate about how design & communication can shape the world around us and the power of using design to solve complex problems.LinkedIn

Do you believe greenwashing should have a monopoly on good marketing and clever comms? Do you believe that climate projects need more funding and support? Then please get in touch. Together, let's persuade the people who can help you scale up.