Time and time again, human ingenuity has proven its ability to solve the most complex problems. But climate change is our biggest challenge yet, and climate start-ups face an uphill struggle.

Our techniques help you define your vision, your message, your stakeholder strategy. From accelerator workshops to spotlight campaigns, our processes are fast and accessible.

Ready to fly?
Vintage photo of a Wright Brothers Glider

As two unknown bicycle makers from Ohio, the Wright brothers were ignored by journalists and scorned by many. But they approached "The Flying Problem" in a different way, focusing on control rather than power. It is this unique approach that ensured their place in history.

The Climate Action Accelerator

Our accelerator module pulls forward what is traditionally a 3 to 6 months process into 3 to 6 weeks.

2 half-day workshops, followed by a full recommendation:

Key deliverables
  • A strategic planning recommendation (unique mission, messaging, look and feel)
  • A stakeholder strategy (who to influence, how, with what call to action)
  • A top line, action-focused communication plan (with focus on fundraising , advocacy, engagement, depending on your needs)

As a non-profit dedicated to help climate innovation, we have worked hard to deliver a process which is:

At a fraction of the cost of a traditional agency.
climate solutions projects are our only focus. We can share the knowledge gained across the sector.
Fast and Intense
The world is on fire, your work is urgent. We aim to equip you with the basic tools to boost your profile and support within days/weeks.
Get in touch
Satellite capture from United States Geological Survey

Satellite capture from United States Geological Survey, who provide reliable scientific information to describe and understand the Earth.

Photo: Nasa

Helping you plan, connect and deliver with great partners

After the Accelerator, if you need help creating assets (website, video) or running a campaign, we can help. Thanks to our little black book, we will connect you to the right partners.

People gathering

Never has teamwork been more critical than when addressing the climate emergency.

Photo: Quino Al

Stakeholder Campaigns on neglected climate topics

We need to shine a spotlight on some climate stories, to nudge decision-makers. For example, the urgency around Methane, or the role of the ocean as a climate solution. Facts and figures are not enough: we want to invite some of the best creative minds to help tell these stories. We plan to focus on persuading key influencers and decision-makers.

Ripples in water
Photo: Miguel Bandeira