Our case studies

    • PowertrustRenewable Solar: launching strategic proposition and communication guidelines including logo, website, pitch deck.
    • Carbon to StoneCarbon removal: Launching strategic messaging and new website in 6 weeks prior to NY Climate week.
    • Carbon GapClimate NGO: Partnering for 5 months as an outsourced senior marketing team
    • Jolt SolutionsElectrolysis: Translating complex electrode tech into a fresh and persuasive proposition, designing new website and building profile.
    • KitaCarbon Insurance: Building trust with key stakeholders
    • D-Rec InitiativeIndustry-led non-profit: Authoring a thought-leadership campaign
    • AirhiveDirect Air Capture: Creating a unique StratCom proposition, writing and designing a website.
    • BluemethaneMethane capture: Recommending Strategic Messaging and business proposition.