Jolt Solutions
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Case Study:
Jolt Solutions

Jolt Solutions

The brief:

Jolt Solutions, from Barcelona, has developed a new generation electrode coating with potential to unlock Green Hydrogen. The team is looking to build a cut-through profile on the global stage.

What we did:

  • We ran 2 StratCom workshops as well as analyzed relevant sectors (Electrolyzers, Green Hydrogen)
  • We helped the team express their complex tech in a relevant and accessible way and we built communication guidelines to build profile for the organisation
  • We wrote and designed a new website

One learning:

Not all stakeholders have the same level of expertise. It’s important to simplify complex tech vocabulary and tell your story in a compelling way, over and above describing the technology. Crisp, intelligent design can bring to life the tech communication - from visuals to infographics.

Jolt Solutions