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Case Study:


The brief:

Airhive’s key challenge was their lack of bandwidth for marketing, as the founders were working hard growing their DAC startup at speed. They needed a proposition, a look and feel, a website - but had little availability.

What we did:

  • We built a “All-in-one workshop”, an intense 3 hours session with founders to build their proposition and tailor a look and feel that was right for them
  • We designed and wrote their website, built their design identity - working autonomously and being protective of Airhive’s time
  • We worked side by side with the team, providing a sounding board for press releases and creating assets including their video script

One learning:

Speed can work, “It actually helped to have to do it so quickly, as we had to be quite instinctual” says Rory Brown, Co-founder. Find out more about our All in One workshop in this article.

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