Carbon to Stone
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Case Study:
Carbon to Stone

Carbon to Stone

The brief:

Carbon to Stone is a spinoff from Cornell university, commercialising a unique process to decarbonise heavy industries. They had to be ready to demonstrate their project at New York Climate Week, with only 6 weeks to go.

What we did:

  • Ran 2 StratCom workshops and crafted their positioning, narrative, strapline and communication templates
  • Designed and wrote the entire website - see Carbon to Stone
  • Created presentation for investors

One learning:

It is key to talk in your stakeholder’s language, both visually and in copy. Here, the key clients were steel and aluminium industries. We showed the CTS team in a factory rather than in their lab, and ensured we used the language of heavy industry, for example talking about operational excellence and sustainability goals.

“The Climate Agency did a phenomenal job telling our story.”Sravanth Gadikota, CEO Carbon to Stone
Carbon to Stone
Carbon to Stone